Our final Five in a Row day for rowing Lentil is Science day. We learned about the 5 senses, particularly taste, and then about sound.


For taste, we setup a taste station. I placed 4 tiny bowls and each had an individual “taste”. Sugar water for Sweet, salt water for Salty, lemon juice for Sour and unsweetened melted chocolate for Bitter.


Using 4 cotton swabs I had Satori guess which taste they were. She knew the tastes Sweet (what kid doesn’t love sweet stuff) and Sour (from our lemon day earlier with Lentil), but learned what Salty and Bitter tasted like. We also used the swabs on different parts of the tongue so she could experience that her taste buds registered certain tastes on certain areas of her tongue!



Next up was sound, we really went over sound acoustics, sound waves, echos, and sonar by reading our book Sounds All Around. Then we experienced sound waves for ourselves by making a telephone with 2 cups and 10 foot string to show how much better sound travels along a tight string than plain air. I told her this is similar to how real telephones work, except sound runs along an electric current rather than string, and with that, sound can travel all the way to Wisconsin where her grandma/grandpa live!


Then we saw how sound vibrates by taking a toilet paper roll (empty) with a piece of wax paper with rubber band around its end. She used this as a microphone and could feel the paper BUZZ.


Other ways we experimented with sound was to take a rubber ball and bounce it. This shows how sound waves travel and bounce back from things, like bats can find their food in the dark. We tried bouncing the ball on our tile floor, as well as carpet, to see how sound waves can bounce off certain things better. Then, just like Lentil did in the book, we used our harmonica in the bathtub to see how “the tone improved 100 percent”.


Finally, to say farewell to Lentil, we made Lentil soup! This was a bit of a coincidence as I bought bags of lentils for our upcoming “Lentil Science”, and to show Satori what a lentil legume looked like. “They’re cute little things!” Of course I had her measure everything out.


I’m no cook, but here’s my attempt at Lentil Soup.


We did build a Lentil Lapbook, but it is not as big as our previous lapbooks. I will show the Lentil lapbook tomorrow.