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Tag: watercolor

Now that we have a little art corner in our main room, what we needed next was a little something to brighten it up!

Using The Usborne Art Treasury, we replicated Kandinsky’s “Squares with Concentric Circles” painting. Page 53 shows the original artwork, with the opposite page describing a bit about Kandinsky and color. The next two pages walk you through making your own color contrasts artwork.

We used oil pastels for the circles and watercolor for the squares. The oil pastels show through the paint.

While most of the time I want Satori to concentrate on her own very original artwork, without copying step-by-step instructions, this book is still so much fun and has so many colorful projects.

A year ago we did another project from this book – “The Aquarium”.

First up, a little more about this book, which we are rowing with FIAR this week. As of last month, this book seemed to have gone out of print and was selling for $300! As of September, it is now back in stock on Amazon for $19.95, so if you want this own, and it is indeed worth it, I suggest getting it now! Or, be sure to check used book stores and such.

***I was just googling “Who Owns the Sun” and this very post is already on the first page of Google, I had published it ONE MINUTE AGO. Google rocks and they seem to love my blog. 🙂

Friday Satori replicated the glorious artwork of Who Owns the Sun? This sun image is shown on the title and on one of the first pages of the book.


We didn’t want to wait for normal watercolors to dry, so we used our new Neocolor II Artists Crayons, which are water soluble. They worked out GREAT!  We only have a small box of 15 though. I’d love a Wood Box Set of 84, or the Gift Set of 126, but $200+ is out of our budget now.



As you can see in the first photo, Satori then brushed a wet paintbrush outwords from the sun, resulting in our Who Owns the Sun sunburst!0909-arts-049

After we whizzed through the “f” section in Explode the Code, we did an art project about FISH (hey it starts with “F”). We took this idea out of our new Usborne Art Treasury book. We are going to be doing many art projects during the week, and normally I want them to be all her own and not just “copying” another artwork, but this was too irresistible. This is based after Paul Klee’s “The Goldfish”. In his painting, the fish absolutely glows in the dark murky water and commands your attention. So we tried it ourselves… Mama sketched the fish, Satori colored it all in with oil pastels…


Then she brushed over it all with dark blue/purple watercolors. As you can see, the watercolors “beaded up” on the colorful oil pastel parts!

watercolor over oil pastel

watercolor over oil pastel

And our finished artwork. Satori dubbed it “The Aquarium”.

Satori's Aquarium

Satori's Aquarium

Mom did get carried away with the watercolor and didn’t dilute with water enough, so we ended up having to brush it up to soak up some of the paint to have the fish show through. I think it would have turned out perfect if we diluted the watercolor more with water, but we learn something everyday. I kinda like the swooshes we made when we brushed it up, it looks like water currents!