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Tag: workbox

In attempts to prepare for the upcoming school year in which we start in earnest September 6th, I wanted to creative a more engaging atmosphere in our Learning Loft. Yesterday while shopping at our brand new local IKEA, I scored this “as-is” Trofast frame! Nothing was wrong with it except no packaging and it was all assembled.

If you’re curious about what’s sitting on top, head to my Vocabulary Power Flip books post to learn more.

We cleared out a spot for it in the loft and today I set about making labels for the subjects.

We haven’t gotten into the Workbox system, but I did have this sheet made by Heather, a fellow homeschooler/scrapbooker/workboxer, so I thought it would add to the motivation to get our subjects completed each day. (This was over two years ago and she most likely isn’t offering to do this for just $10 anymore, I see she just had a baby.) I framed her chart and laminated the numbers so they’d last longer. Currently they’re attached by magnets, although she originally used velcro on them.

Underneath the Workbox chart is a clipboard with timer attached that shows our actual schedule. I print this out everyday from Homeschool Skedtrack, the free online scheduling program we use.

I figured we’d put it on all our subject bins each morning and then add them back to the chart as we get done with each subject. Hopefully by the end of each day we’ll have a full chart. 🙂 It’s been awhile since I read my Sue Patrick Workbox System guide, but I don’t think they specifically label the bins. We’ll modify the system to work for us though.

There are a few subjects we do in our Reading Room library, so I have three subject bins in the library closet – Story of the World, Writing with Ease, and MCT Grammar Island. These are stored in the tall, white IKEA frame that has ten slides to insert bins/shelves.

I finally succumbed to the Workbox System craze, after avoiding the famous FIAR 37-page thread. It was inexpensive to setup, and here is our new workbox system. (I decided not to crop out that cute little monster in the background.)

Workbox System

Workbox System

We’ll see how it works out for us. 🙂 For now, it will give me incentive to throw in fun activities rather than just the same old math and reading stuff. Check out more about Sue Patrick’s Workbox System. It’s been a few months since this craze shook the homeschooling world, and of course, creative mamas have created their own workbox systems to fit their families. Check out more workbox photos.

Also to keep me more organized, I bought a timer, some throw this in a workbox set at 20 minutes along with an activity card. For me, I thought it would be handy to figure out how much time we actually spend on each course. For my little one, I want to keep things short and sweet. 🙂