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Tag: zoo

For Mother’s Day last weekend we spent a glorious day at the Denver Zoo. The weather was perfect and we spent it with family. Both my mother (Satori’s Grammy) and my Aunt Elizabeth were in town, so our whole family and our out-of-town visitors as well as cousins Peyton, Brady, and Beckett enjoyed the day.

Props go out to Aunt Elizabeth who gave the girls these cute, colorful umbrellas! Handy against the searing Colorado sun.

The twins check out the lioness. The lion with his big mane was in front of the other window.

Off in the distance we saw African Wild Dogs running around.

David maneuvered the twin’s stroller. Here he is posing with my Mom.

Satori and Peyton were inseparable as usual.

I didn’t take many actual zoo animal photos, I did not bring my heavy telephoto lens. I couldn’t resist this baby orangutan and his mother.

It was so cute to see the mom pick up the baby by his arm and just fling him on top of her head!

Shortly after entering the zoo, we also witnessed a mother Bighorn Sheep preparing to give birth to her baby, and by the time we were leaving the zoo, she had just given birth.

It is extremely challenging to get all the children to look at the camera.

We only saw half the zoo before it was time to go, but here”s more of our favorites animals.


This photo will always make me laugh. I thought it would be super precious to have the two girls feed fluffy pink cotton candy to each other. Satori immediately offered her tuft to her cousin, but little Peyton loves her food and proceeded to cram her whole handful into her mouth quickly! I gave up on that cute idea and just took this photo. 🙂

Thanks Mom and Aunt Elizabeth for spending the day with our family! We’re sorry it snowed a foot in the mountains and we were unable to have you up to our house, but that will happen soon.

We had the pleasure of my niece Peyton’s company this weekend. Unfortunately, it was cold and rainy, but on our last day, the sun broke long enough for us to head to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. We love this zoo. The first thing you do is get to feed the giraffes, which are eye-level to you.

You’re also able to feed the colorful birds. They will fly right on your head or your feeding stick.

Satori’s favorites were the Grizzlies who wrestled in the water in front of us!

David was most looking forward to the Mountain Lion, and to our joy, just as we walked up to the exhibit, they were feeding her! This picture will always bring a giggle to us, as little Peyton kept asking very loudly “Can I feed the kitty? I want to feed the kitty.” Meanwhile the lion was biting down on the feeder tool and not letting go… The zookeeper had to explain why they had to stay outside the cage as they fed the cat, and that they couldn’t let visitors feed her. 🙂

We lucked out again this spring with another peacock showing off!

We only had two hours to spend at the zoo, and could’ve spent all day there. But we lucked out because as we were leaving the zoo, it did start raining pretty heavily! Our timing couldn’t have been better.

Just wanted to share some pics of our zoo trip last week. As we were approaching the giraffe area, we saw our first peacocks of the day. I mentioned to Satori how cool it would be if they would show their feathers for us. And a second later, we were treated to this display!

Yeah, I took a lot of bird photos, this isn’t even half of it.

The baby giraffe here was just born six days before this photo!

We were quite entertained by the antics of the seals.

Normally I wouldn’t have given this guy a second glance but now that we are learning our birds, it was so fun to watch all the different ducks.

On a whim on nice Saturday day, we decided to get a zoo membership. We had spent the morning at Mud Lake looking for salamanders (finding none) and trying to catch crayfish (only to let them go after a moment). For Satori, this zoo trip was all about salamanders and reptiles! She really, really wants a reptile pet. (not gonna happen). She talks about  how she’ll pretend her lizard is one of her toy salamanders so that Grandma does not freak out. 🙂

Well when we got to the zoo, we did not see any salamanders (all they had was frogs and one newt), but we saw lots of reptiles like snakes, turtles and lizards.



It was fun to see the mudskippers, which to us was relevant as we study how fish evolved into amphibians. Sure enough, these cute little guys were swimming in the water, then popped up on land. There are at least 3 in this photo.




Not the typical photos you see after a family does a zoo trip and posts their photos. 🙂 Then again, we are not the typical family.

We then headed back west to the mountains, and halfway up, had a lovely picnic at White Ranch Park overlooking all of Denver. It was a beautiful day and I was so happy to hang out with my husband and daughter.